About the creator:

Tesoro is developed with great interest in craftsmanship and respect for Mother Nature and various cultures from all over the world.
Through enjoying sculpting, painting, and photography, I developed some interest in makeing art that is more connected with our daily lifes. Based on  this spirit, Tesoro is created as wearable artwork.

I am passionate about culture and nature all over the world.
unintentional combinations of colors of India and Morocco, ancient artworks,
and craftsmen always attract me. And all these beautiful creations are evolved from nature.
Tesoro is inspired by these treasures of the earth that we have to preserve.
Tesoro means treasure in Italian. I put love into each piece and hoping Tesoro to be your Tesoro.
-Moe Obayashi


Tesoro はものづくり、表現することの喜び

イタリア語で宝物を意味する ”Tesoro” は、一つ一つ願いを込めて作っています。

ー大林 萌絵

About the pieces:

・Made in Kyoto, Japan.
・Made of 100% natural strong and lightweight clay.
・Lifetime warranty.
・You can choose from piercing, earring, and brooch.
・The shape and size of the pieces can be personalized by request.
・Every piece is unique and crafted by hand, they might be slightly different from the pictures, I hope you enjoy the differences.
・All the pieces are produced on demand, allow 1-2 weeks to be crafted and delivered.
・Shipping worldwide ( free shipping in Japan)

・The pieces are not fully Waterproof so please avoid exposing them for long time into water.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any request or doubt.






To preserve the treasures of our earth, all Tesoro products are biodegradable and made with natural materials
It is Tesoro’s goal to create awareness by producing a long-lasting product without any harmful chemicals.